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Who is Raconteur Digital Marketing?

Want to Know a little About us? Here is Raconteur Digital Marketing Story.

We are Raconteur Digital, Malaysia-based storytellers with a clientele across Southeast Asia. We specialize in crafting captivating stories that bridge the gap between you and your next customer while cementing the loyalty of existing ones. Narratives that grow brands and foster lasting bonds.

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Our History

Let us tell you a short about our Journey

TL;DR. We began with a great product but quickly realized success isn’t just about the product, but the story it tells. After years of honing our digital marketing skills, we uncovered our success secret: storytelling. Now, we guide businesses to share their narratives, driving growth and impact.


We have many failures in previous start-up, despite our product are good


Trying many digital marketing initiatives but nothing seems work


After incorporate stories into our marketing, we hit first USD 10,000 in less than one month

Once upon a time in the entrepreneurial realm, Ricky, a visionary with a string of ventures in technology, trade, and the food industry, found himself at a crossroads. His creations were like uncut gems—brilliant yet unnoticed. Despite their inherent greatness, scaling up remained an elusive dream. The products were ready to shine; they just didn’t know how to catch the light.

Ricky had a moment of clarity amidst the silence of stagnation. It was not the quality of his products but the absence of a resonant brand story and a cohesive digital marketing strategy that muted their potential. With this realization, he set out on a quest to redefine his enterprises’ narratives.

He meticulously crafted messages that echoed the needs and aspirations of his niche market. As these messages found their way into the hearts of the audience, something magical happened—sales began to climb. The numbers didn’t just speak; they sang tales of success.

The transformation was profound, not just in digits but in spirit. Ricky witnessed a gap as vast as the ocean in the marketplace—the gap of storytelling done right, the kind that doesn’t just tell but enchants. Raconteur Digital Marketing was born from this gap, a company dedicated to weaving narratives that not only engage but also endear brands to their audiences.

Raconteur didn’t just fill a void; it became a lighthouse for brands across Southeast Asia, guiding them through the murky waters of marketing to shores of recognition and revenue. Ricky’s journey had come full circle, from seeking light to becoming the beacon that now helps others find their way in the digital expanse. Raconteur Digital Marketing stands as a testament to the power of stories well told—a power that turns businesses into legends.

Why Our Clients Love Us

Clients rave about our digital approach: transparent and seamlessly integrated with their business workflow, enhancing both efficiency and efficacy in marketing operations. We employ a collaborative style that nurtures growth while complementing your unique way of doing business.

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What Our Clients say about us

Our clients’ success, their stories, brought to life by our expert storytellers. ✨????????

Tim & Ashley

Here’s a slice of our happy client testimonies: “Since employing Raconteur’s Storytelling Digital Marketing for social media management, we’ve seen a remarkable enhancement in audience engagement, growth, and brand visibility. Their strategic approaches have undoubtedly accelerated our success.”


Our satisfied clients say it all: “Raconteur’s Storytelling Digital Marketing transformed our WordPress hosting experience. Our website speed significantly improved and aced the Google PageSpeed test. The website management became a breeze with premium tools included. Superior service!”


Our clients speak volumes for us: “With Raconteur’s Storytelling Digital Marketing spearheading our lead creation system, we’ve noticed a significant rise in qualified prospects. Their data-driven strategies have been instrumental in driving our sales numbers up. A game-changer indeed!” 


Straight from our happy customers: “Raconteur Storytelling Digital Marketing’s branding consultation made our brand stand out. We’ve received great feedback, nurtured loyal customers and distanced ourselves from competitors. Their unmatched service certainly put us on the map!” 


With Raconteur Digital, our website saw a transformative redesign. Not only did it become more responsive, but it also got an SEO boost. In less than three months, our five targeted keywords ranked on Google’s first page, with an average search volume of half a million. 


Our Christmas email campaign, spearheaded by Raconteur Digital, hit an impressive 18% even amid fierce competition. Their magic ensured our newsletters landed in customers’ inboxes, not spam folders. With powerful storytelling, we won new customers and fortified existing loyalties. 

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